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Gift a mineral and you will surprise.

You should have seen him wide-eyed flipping his Fluorite octahedron. I already have in mind to continue with a small Quartz, some Aragonite, a Tourmaline… I think an exciting adventure awaits him…

I remember the excitement that made me find my first Pyrite buried in my uncle’s field, how they took advantage of my innocence! It was magical to see those perfect cubes, that luster… It always seemed to me something from another world. Prisms, discs… Lately I’ve been taking out some minerals that had been stored for decades (and wrapped up as if there were no tomorrow) and I’m placing them on the table, on my desk, on some step of the stairs, next to the cactus…, in short, I’m changing them… and I think that being surrounded by such bright colors suits me well.

Yes, that is said. I have put the Fluorite you gifted me on the table where I now telework and I find very relaxing for my eyes to remain from time to time looking at those endless groups of cubes, that vibrrrant green… It is good to put a bit of nature in our lives.

That’s right… Tomorrow tell him to come my home and I’ll give him a surprise… it has a violet color that takes away the sense.

See if you can prepare another one for me… olive colored, if possible. Ciao!

Always the same…see you tomorrow! ………(I will look for something at the MINERALITUM online shop).