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Our exclusive mineral online shop premieres the musical theme “AQUAMARINE”.


“AQUAMARINE” is inspired by nature and the universe of minerals. It is an original musical theme, played on the piano, which has been composed exclusively for MINERALITUM.COM and for all its followers.

We love “AQUAMARINE” because when we listen to it, it connects us with the natural world, reminds us of the flow of the waters or the awakening of a sunrise. From beginning to end it transmits good feelings, such as serenity, harmony, joy… It manages to evade us and make us spend pleasant moments.

Something similar happens when we contemplate mineral pieces. We perceive its harmony, which is provided by its ordered crystalline structure, and its beauty, which is reflected in its inimitable color, its luster, its vivacity… Its perfection radiates good vibrations and brings us happy moments.We encourage you to listen to “AQUAMARINE” and let your imagination fly, let’s see what it suggests to you. We hope you like this special tune. Enjoy!


The pieces that appear in the music video can be found in our online shop Spectacular fluorites of various colours, powerful quartzes, dazzling amethysts, vibrant malachite, hypnotic garnets, delicate calcites, bright carnelians

The list of minerals in order of appearance on the video is:

  1. Green blue Fluorite. China. 90x70x45 (mm).
  2. Green blue Fluorite. China. 70x60x36 (mm).
  3. Violet Amethyst (variety of Quartz). Brazil. 75x60x30 (mm).
  4. Fluorite octahedrons (purple, green, pink). China. 5 pieces of different sizes.
  5. Purple Fluorite. China. 110x115x40 (mm).
  6. Yellow Quartz. China. 175x100x117 (mm).
  7. White Quartz. China. 130x120x80 (mm).
  8. Orange Topaz. Brazil. 95x70x60 (mm).
  9. Orange Carnelian heart (Chalcedony type). Madagascar. 78x63x35 (mm).
  10. Green blue Fluorite. China. 110x85x45 (mm).
  11. Iceland Spar (variety of Calcite). EE.UU. 74x54x47 (mm).
  12. Green Fluorite. Madagascar. 85x60x45 (mm).
  13. Green Malachite. Democratic Republic of Congo. 75x35x25 (mm).
  14. Green Fluorite. Madagascar. 137x95x45 (mm).
  15. Green Fluorite. China. 75x59x80 (mm).
  16. Yellow Calcite. China. 105x60x75 (mm).
  17. Reddish yellow Calcite. China. 64x68x50 (mm).
  18. Green Quartz. China. 70x55x130 (mm).
  19. Garnet. China. 80x60x55 (mm).
  20. Transparent Quartz (Rock crystal). Brazil. 90x60x80 (mm).


Aquamarine stone is a variety of Beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6), which belongs to the Cyclosilicates. Its tone is bluish, similar to that of seawater. It is highly valued in jewelry.

Beryl crystallizes in the hexagonal system and its crystals are hexagonal prisms. The faces of the prisms are often striated in longitudinal direction. It is very hard (7,5 – 8 Mohs) and light (2,65 – 2,90 g/cm3), translucent or transparent, with a vitreous luster and it has an imperfect cleavage, in basal direction.

As a curiosity, Aquamarine is related to calm.