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Minerals in our lives

1. Pyrite


Minerals are natural chemical combinations, which can be very complex, although sometimes, more rarely, they are made up of simple elements such as carbon, gold, silver, or alloys that were formed in the course of geological processes. Most minerals are of non-organic composition, although exceptionally there are combinations of organic origin. More than 4.000 mineral species can be found in nature. The most abundant are silicates.

2. Etna volcano


The minerals that were formed and that continue to be formed on the surface and in the interior of the Earth, do so from magmatic processes in the interior of the Earth. In the course of the magmatic process, minerals are formed from incandescent melting silicates (the magma). When this magma reaches the upper layers, it cools and solidifies. During this process the minerals are formed, solid bodies that are the result of these chemical reactions and that present crystalline structures with an ordered atomic composition, also producing rocks with differentiated chemical compositions.

3. Gem


A gem, also popularly known as a precious stone, can be a type of mineral, a rock, or a petrified material, which after being properly cut and polished is plausible to be used in jewelry. There are different types of gems, standing out, among others: turquoise, tiger eye, chrysocolla, hematite, tourmaline, carnelian, rose quartz, malachite, sugilite, pyrite, amethyst, ruby , obsidian, jasper, lapis lazuli, agate, jade, feldspar, topaz, opal, diamond, emerald, sapphire, aquamarine.

4. Surface mining


The minerals are extracted from the mines. There are two types of mining: surface mining and underground mining. In surface mining, minerals are mined when they are found over a wide area, but not too deep in the ground. However, some minerals are found far below the surface of the earth, and underground mining is used to extract them.

5. Fluorite


There are theories that claim that crystals can have healing properties in people on a physical and psychic level. One of these currents defends that the crystals could influence the energy points (chakras) located in different parts of the body, so that when placed on them, they would vibrate energetically and could achieve their balance. This interconnection would produce physical and spiritual benefits in people. But not only its application in specific points of the body could bring these benefits. Since ancient times, there have been beliefs related to the power of minerals and their use in ornaments or talismans to prevent illness and negative energies and attract prosperity. This is the case of the ancient Egyptians, who used lapis lazuli in jewels, ornaments and amulets to keep away bad energies, to enhance clairvoyance, the connection with the beyond. It has also been used as a drink, mixing its powder with oil, wine or other liquids, to heal ailments.

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6. Mineralitum

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